Aims and objectives of the NFRS

The NFRS was formed in 1976 by a group of enthusiasts intent on promoting the rat both as a pet and an exhibition animal. Over the years this philosophy has been maintained so that now, as then, we are equally open to breeders, pet owners or people who are a mixture of the two. The NFRS is THE club for everyone who appreciates the rat for what it is - a superior pet and fancy animal.

The Society's aims listed in its Constitution are:
  • To promote the propagation, study and exhibition of fancy rats.
  • To publish the definition of the true type as the only recognised and unvarying standard by which fancy rats shall be judged, and to adopt standards relating to the various varieties.
  • To urge the adoption of the standards of excellence upon breeders, judges and show committees as the only criteria of merit in breeding and awarding prizes.
  • To support shows and take all necessary steps to advance and protect the interests of fancy rats as exhibition animals and pets.
  • To foster and maintain a high standard of excellence in judging and show management.
  • To educate and encourage members to adopt and maintain high standards of management and care of fancy rats.