Finding a breeder

If you are looking for new rats, it is far better to buy them direct from a breeder than from a pet shop. This enables you to ensure that the animals have been handled from an early age and are well socialized, and that both they and their parents are friendly and healthy. The NFRS keeps a register of its members who are breeders. The NFRS Breeders' List can be downloaded online:
Breeders' List

Breeders advertising on the register should adhere to the NFRS General Guidelines for Selling Rats. The kittens they are selling should be healthy and friendly, but are not necessarily of show or breeding quality; when contacting a breeder, please let them know if you are looking for rats to show or breed or have any other specific requirements.

The NFRS cannot accept responsibility for sellers and buyers who make contact through the Breeders' List, as in most cases the members of the Committee do not know the individuals concerned. If you are a breeder and wish to be added to the register you can find more information here.