NFRS Breeder Registration Scheme

What is a stud?

A stud is a adult male rat of high breeding quality. A stud is also used to describe a collection of animals kept and bred at one particular location.

What is a studname?

A rattery that maintains high standards of breeding can apply for stud registration with the NFRS when they have earned the required awards. The name the rattery is registered by is then refered to as its studname.

How do I recognise a registered stud at a glance?

To make life simple, only breeders with stud registration may use this logo on their website.

How many registered studs are there?

To the full register click here.

How would I recognise a registered breeder?

Historically, ratteries chose a name on application for a studname. Recently, the trend has been to choose a name much earlier and refer to it as a rattery. However, only registered breeders who have achieved the required awards can call themselves a stud. That is the difference between Whatshisname Rattery and Thingamabob Stud.

Because of the changes in the trend, from March 2007, the NFRS has changed the way it registers breeders to allow 'novice' breeders to be registered as a 'rattery'. This means that when the rattery earns the right to become a studname, the name they have used as a rattery is automatically changed into a stud.

What is the etiquette for rattery and studname registration?

  • A rattery or stud is defined as a collection of animals kept and bred at one location.
  • No more than one rattery name or studname per membership can be registered. i.e. not possible to register 2 rattery names or studnames on one membership.
  • Any multiple memberships per rattery name or studname must reside under the same roof.
  • Custody of registered rattery names or studnames remains with the partner who registered or earned it or refer to committee where dispute.
  • Registered ratteries and studs will be listed on the NFRS website and regularly in Pro-Rat-A.
  • The registered name shall be used as a prefix on family trees/birth certificates of rats bred by a registered rattery or stud. A suffix can be used to show the location of the rat if it is not owned by the breeder. i.e. Aardvark Fred at Abc
  • All breeders wishing to be listed on the NFRS Breeders' List must be registered as ratteries or studs, although it is not compulsory for registered ratteries or studs to be listed on the breeders' list.
  • Ratteries must enter their rats at shows under their ‘given name’ and not their rattery name. Only registered studnames can have their studname written on prizecards.

How do I register my rattery name?

Please note, you must have been an NFRS member for at least one year in order to register a rattery name.
Fill in the form and send it to the membership secretary with the required registration fee. Like the stud name registration, the breeders' list registration is a one off payment, so once you are registered, your rattery name will remain on the NFRS breeders' list for as long as your membership is current. You can check which rattery names have already been used by looking at the definitive list of past names, found here.

What is the Novice Award?

The novice award is for registered ratteries who have not yet earned their studname. There is a best Novice award at each NFRS show (or show where NFRS stars are awarded) and points are given which will be calculated annually towards a points trophy which will be given each year at the AGM. To be eligible the rat must be bred by and in the possession of, the exhibitor at the time of entry. The rat must have lived with the breeder since birth.

What if I earn my studname during the year?

If an exhibitor gains their stud name in the year then the novice points will count up until the time it is awarded, when the exhibitor is no longer eligible to enter.

What is the point of the Stud Registration Scheme?

The Stud Registration Scheme is the only hallmark of quality breeding in Britain today. It promotes quality breeding, competitive exhibition to maintain and drive up standards and recognises breeders' achievement.

Who runs the Stud Registration Scheme?

The National Fancy Rat Society - Britain's largest and the world's oldest rat society.
Its aims include
  • Promoting the propagation, study and exhibition of fancy rats.
  • Publishing one set of standards by which fancy rats are judged, and using these standards as the sole criteria for the breeding of rats and awarding of prizes.
  • Adopting and maintaining high standards of management and care of fancy rats.

Studname Eligibility

What do you have to do to achieve your studname?
  • All wins must be earned under fully paid up NFRS championship/show judge
  • The individual(s) must be paid up NFRS member(s) to qualify for earning a studname and the rattery name already registered with the NFRS as part of the Novice scheme for at least one year. (For ratteries registering before 1st May 2007, the individual(s) must have been an NFRS member for at least one year.)
  • The rat (or rats) in question must be owned and bred by the individual from a dam (or dams) also owned and bred by the exhibitor and attain either of the following awards:
    i) NFRS Silver champion - 8 stars on 1 rat
    ii) 2 x BIS/BOA/RBIS on one or two rats with two different judges – at least one win must be at a show where NFRS stars are awarded – the other may be at an NFRS affiliated club show providing the NFRS judge agrees in writing (or signs back of card) that the rat is of suitable quality. (The changeover officially takes place from 1st May 2007 but under grandfather rules, any exhibitor that has attained one of the required wins under the previous studname registration scheme requirements up to the 1st May 2007, can use this to count towards their studname registration.)
  • The application must be made to the EC along with supporting prize cards for the rat, the suggested stud name and a registration fee at the current rate.