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New Variety Standard - Variegated Down Under

Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2013 10:21 am
by ann
The head and shoulders to be of a distinct, recognised colour with a white spot or blaze on the forehead. Where a spot is present this should be centrally placed on the forehead, round or oval in shape and no bigger than the rat's eye. Blazes are a wedge shaped symmetrical blaze of white starting at the nose and extending up the face to the forehead. The blaze to cover the whisker bed and taper to a fine point midway between the eyes and the ears. Markings not to extend onto the cheeks or the eyes. The rest of the upper portion (back, sides and tail) of the rat's body to be white with evenly marked patches and flecks of colour. The underside should have a broken marked central line down the belly, side spots desirable.