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Additions to the New Varieties Class from 1st January 2016

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 4:11 pm
by halcyon
As from 1st January 2016 two more varieties will be accepted into the New Varieties class.

They are: Russian Buff & Havana Agouti.

If anyone enters these they can now go into the New Varieties class.

For reference their variety standards are:

Havana agouti

To be a light sandy brown caused by the intermingling of light brown ticking over a light fawn ground. Belly to be pale silver, undercoat light brown grey. Foot colour to match top. Eye Colour mid to light ruby.

Serious faults: Dark eye colour. Colour must not conform to the std for cinnamon.

Russian Buff

To be a pale greyish beige. Faint light speckling or a subtle ticked effect (heathering) is usual for this variety and is not a fault. Colour to be level throughout. Not to be confused with standard Buff or Platinum. Belly colour to match top, undercolour light greyish beige to the skin. Coat to be short and thick - a long coat or a coat similar to that on other varieties (excluding rex) to be a serious fault. Eyes dark ruby to black.

Faults: Dark, dull or too warm top colour. Light ruby eyes.
Severe Faults: Very pale or dark patches or prominent white eye circles.