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For information about the history of the NFRS, please read The Foundation of the NFRS.

Rules & Show Regulations

Our Society Rules & Show Regulations can be read in the below PDF Document:

Ann Storey
Life President

Email: president@nfrs.org

Annually Elected Officers

Ann Storey

Email: president@nfrs.org

Lisa Irvine

Email: chairman@nfrs.org

Marti Leimbach
Hon. Secretary

Email: secretary@nfrs.org

Rackie Powell
Hon. Treasurer

Email: treasurer@nfrs.org

Gemma Corfield
Membership Co-ordinator

Email: membership@nfrs.org

Lisa Irvine
General Show Secretary
& Judges' Co-ordinator

Email: shows@nfrs.org

Annually Appointed Positions

Deb Mallett

Email: archives@nfrs.org

Vicki Morley
Journal Editor

Email: editor@nfrs.org

Ann Storey
Standards Officer

Email: president@nfrs.org

toyah Leitch
Web & Forum Administrator

Email: webmaster@nfrs.org

Rackie Powell
Rosettes, Cups & Show Admin

Email: showadmin@nfrs.org

Keera Smith
Pet Award Scheme Co-ordinator

Email: pets@nfrs.org

General Committee Members

Jem Quarry

Lilly Hoyland

Debbie Lauf

Doug Connor