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AGM Honours

Visit our AGM honours pages for details of winners of the AGM honours each year. Full AGM minutes can be found in Pro-Rat-a or on our forum.

The following awards are presented annually:

  • Annual Points Awards: Trophies awarded to those who have accumulated the most points throughout the year based on wins at NFRS and NFRS affiliated shows.
  • Rat Statues: Permanent momentos awarded to the winners of BIS at each of the cup shows we have over the year.
  • Variety Championship Certificates: Stars are awarded at NFRS and affiliated clubs to exhibits which are a good example of their variety. Owners of rats who have earnt enough stars may apply for Silver (8 stars), Gold (12 stars) or Platinum (16 stars) Variety Championship Certificates. A rat that has won a combination of BIS/BOA/RBIS a number of times may be awarded a Show Championship Certificate.
  • Pet Championship Certificates: Rats winning points in Pets may be awarded with Silver (5 points), Gold (10 points) or Platinum (15 points) Pet Championships Certificate.