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Filming & Photographs at NFRS shows

In recent years just about everyone has a camera or phone with a camera. We can upload the photos to the internet there and then at the show.

However in this day and age we must be conscious of the legality and moral issues surrounding taking photos at public events like NFRS shows and exhibitions.

There are just a few guidelines that we would like our members and visitors to be conscious of and adhere to:

  • When taking photographs at shows, if you are taking photographs including people try and ask their permission prior to photographing them. Large distance shots or large group shots are obviously different, but please try to respect people's wishes.
  • When you have taken your pictures and return home try not to publish any pictures of people on the Internet without permission. Always ask the permission of parents before posting any pictures of children on the Internet.
  • The NFRS feel that it is really important to keep a photographic archive of NFRS shows, in recent years this has been neglected. If you have any interesting photos of NFRS shows that you feel may be of interest to us please contact our Archivist to let her know about them.
  • The NFRS may also be interested in high quality photographs of rats for this archive and for promotional material, if you have any that you feel could be considered please contact the NFRS Secretary with more details.
  • When filming at NFRS shows you must ask the Show Secretary first for permission to do so. The judge may not wish to be filmed, so the Show Secretary may give you permission to film at the show, but not the actual judging. If this is the case please respect the judge's wishes; some of our judges have expressed that they find being filmed off-putting and distracting.
  • Again, as with photographing, please be respectful and ask permission wherever possible when filming people at shows.

These guidelines are mainly put into place to protect you, the person behind the camera, as we have had a few complaints recently where people at shows have found being filmed invasive or where photographs of themselves or their rats have appeared on people's websites or on forums without their knowledge or permission. Most people are not worried about this happening, but we thought it prudent to remind members that care may be needed in some cases.