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NFRS Studnames: a bit of history and the definitive list

© Estelle Sandford

NFRS members have been able to register studnames since the formation of the society in 1976. In the early days of the NFRS we didn't have the methods of earning your studnames in the way we do these days and all you had to do was submit a unique name and hand over a pound and it was registered - we have records of 44 studs having been registered this way. A ruling was put into place in 1990 changing this to having to earn your studname by achieving championship status on a rat you had bred. Nicky Jones (then Chandler) was the first breeder to obtain her studname having had to earn it and since then over 64 breeders have managed to earn this status. The ruling has been tweaked a few times along the way to try and make it clearer and also in recent times, to try and ensure that it is earned by your own breeding and husbandry rather than the luck of winning on F1s from top breeders' lines.

In the last 10 years or so, more and more breeders have taken up keeping detailed family tree information and there are several software programs to aid with this, so it has become more important to recognise this and the NFRS achieved this last year by recognising ratteries and allowing these to be registered as the first step towards earning your studname. Current members stud and rattery names are listed on the NFRS website and regularly in Pro-Rat-a.

The below is what we think is the definitive list of all studs ever registered with the NFRS, it has taken going through old minutes and Pro-Rat-as and several long standing members' memory cells to obtain this information and there is always a chance mistakes may have been made on dates and we might have missed the odd one. In the next few Pro-Rat-a's I plan to continue adding to information on the history of studnames by detailing members' reasons for choosing their studname. I do have information for some of them, but if you have a registered stud currently or know of information on ex-members who were a registered stud in their day, could you please send any information to the fancy

The below is grouped into years - apologies if they are in the wrong order during that year, but some we do not have exact details on everyone.

Thamesgrove - Geoff Izzard
Belmont - Les Suttling
Genesis - Sue & Steve Love

Rivendell - Ann Storey

Trinovantum - Nick Mays

Aldbrickham - D & S Young
Cleroux - M & J Cleroux
pre 1981 (year unknown)
Wharfedale - Martyn Smith

Pendragon - Sue Brown
Sakari - Jean Judd
Vulcan - Janet & Wendy Gregory

Saxon (later changed to Samson) - Chriss Lown

Samson (previously Saxon) - Chriss Lown
Pegasus - Pia Cleroux
Pinewood - Mr & Mrs Les Green
Shoreham - Ian Judd
Talisman - Bev & Audrey Bruges

Kingsley - Tony Jones

Trojan - Sue Vickers
Adur - Bob & Joyce Glover
Cyrano - Diane Schofield (nee Wildman)
Elidor - Sue Maine
Esthann - Tom Unwin
Harmony - A. M. O'Sullivan
Haven - Mr & Mrs C Henwood
Himbridge - Antony Bongiovani
Rhapsody - Bob Lyons & R. Grice

Zeus - Steve & Jane Soloman
Harlequin - Darrell Higgins

Gadebridge - S & J Griffiths
Lovelor - Stevie Loveday & Rick Taylor
Lucinda - Marianne Mays

Vicinalis - Paul Threapleton
Tanglewood - Tilly Haycock
Kenfig - Rosalind Hearse
Tylney - Mick & Tina Brinklow

Wallace - Steve & Sue Webb
Saffron - P & R Quaid

Xandos - Joy & Eric Shurmer

Thurstan - Joan & Roger Branton
Yulan - Clive & Elaine Peters
Apogee - Heidi Dixon
Olympus - Andrew Smith
Ubique - David & Barbara Cargill

1991 – all from now were earned
Holywood - Nicky Jones (nee Chandler)

Borough's Oak - Peter Fox
Highfield - Michelle Guthrie
Isis - Tracey and Gary Clarke

Camulodunum - Dave Potter
Pagan - Jeannette Knight
Swamp Rat - Rod Evans
Windjammer - Tina Gruber

Halcyon - Lisa Grove
Kartusch - Cathy Ayres
Mirage - Clive Peters & Gina Croft

Castle - Greg Baker
Galaxy - Carol Fisher (nee Steel)
Pilgrim - Davida Krill & Duncan Bourne

Avalon - Keran Howard
Cardenal - Ali Carden
Sherwood Forest - Val Brown
Trinity - Ralph Woodcock
Wheatacre - Bernie Rappensberger
Kropotkin - Veronica Simmons
Taranis - Cat Russ
Adelphe - Fiona Barker
Classic - Carolyn Hill

Flaxholme - Sheila Sowter
Artemis - Pip Walford
Apollo - Kit Walford
Blackstaff - Antonia Robinson (Nee Swierzy)
Cornucopia - Angela Horn

Amirante - Gemma Foulds
Panya - Jenny White
Serendipity - Sue Threapleton (nee Foulds)
White Wolf - Fay Wolftree & Alexis Webb
Woodhaven - Robyn Walford

Milo - Sarah Stevens
Pegasus - Kevin O'Sullivan
Phoenix - James Grove
Rowangate - Lian O'Sullivan (nee Vince)
Darkstar - Mel Goulder

Chandon - Jon & Sharon Pollendine
Timbucktwo - Tim Chandler

Alpha Centauri - Estelle Sandford

Tennyson - Sandra & Graham Mobbs
Headstrong - Gill Thomas

Epiphany - Joanna Pierre (nee Holmes)
Integrity - Judith Wilson
Laika - Gwen Hemsley
Rattenfänger - Colin Arundel
Thornvalley - Tracy Millburn
Valhalla - Julie Oliver

Shunamite - Alison Campbell
Hosanna - Caroline Muncey
Alchemy - Michael & Carol Harrington-Read
New World - Deb Mallett & Ed Reay

Templeton - Chris and Clare Ashworth
Ratty Rascals - Clare Holmes

Hellstorm - Tina Williams
Tenaran - Jon & Kathy Morgan
Aphrodite - Fiona McBean
Asbru - Matt Creaney & Lucy Heath
Swiftvalley - Lisa Clarke

Ratoon - Lizzi McIntee
Mercury - Rebecca Hinson

Tenebrae - Doug Connor
Mackison - Neill Clarke
Cariad - Nicola Broadbridge
Comis - Jem & Michele Quarry
Topthorne - Holly Storey-Smith

Hakuna Matata - Jenna Sutcliffe
Symphony - Rackie Powell

Bog Myrtle - Sheena Stratton
Stillyrats - Janette Rogers
Yabba Dabba Doo - Ellie Cadman
Aquarius - Phil Neate
Campion - Vicki Morley
RCT - Lisa Harries

Elkwood - Natasha Klus
Bohemian - Lisa Akrigg
Ionian - Tanya Rawlinson
Brandywine - Annette Rand
Blairwitch - Lisa Blair

Hawthorn - toyah Leitch
Atlas - Kyra Murray
Zephyr - Mary Giles
Zappa - Fiona Coull

Endeavour - Jannine Taylor
Lilliput - Lilly Hoyland
Mulberry - Jane Finbow
Destiny - Lucy Hunt
Rattray - Kate & Kevin Rattray
Ralston - Anna McKinnon
Seagull - Sharon Williams
Callisto - Katie van Zyl
Lovecraft - Lisa Maurin

Shatterlings - Ellie Goddard
RattieAngels - Samantha Redgrave
Warrensark - Jayne Warren
Gemstone - Gemma Corfield

Milliways - Angela Corrie
Beltane - Debbie Lauf
Black Lupin - Claire Roberts
Merriment - Nelly Brewer
Skatta Rat - Coleen Gruber

Outlaw - Kayleigh Rickell
Gallifrey - Cat Mace
Shayilen - Ayla Stryder

Isamu - Jemma Fettes
Kaiju - Laura Holt

Ouzles - Patricia & Richard Burn
Renegade - Hannah Field
Carealot - Claire McIntosh
Kismet - Jem Quarry & Lew Wernham
White Mage - Amy Aindow

Ellfin - April Hearnah
Kiwi - Keera Smith
Harkyle - Teena Madden
Cupcake - Amy Foxford